Freedom Agenda

Lower Taxes

  • Repeal the Grocery Tax
  • Contract for Taxpayers
  • Repeal Registration Fee Increase on Hybrids
  • Lower State Income Tax
  • Fed Income Tax State Trust Act

Less Government

  • Citizens testify first in committee hearings
  • Freeze Updates to Residential Building Code
  • Repeal State Health Insurance Exchange
  • Require Agency Bills to Have a Legislative Sponsor
  • Idaho a Sovereign State Resolution
  • Public Notice on Websites Instead of Newspapers
  • Reform the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
  • Administrative Rules Reform
  • Daylight Savings Time Repeal

More Freedom

Education Freedom
  • Education – Idaho Freedom Act
  • Education – School Choice ESAs
  • Repeal SBAC Test and Associated Data Collection
  • Repeal Common Core
  • Allow Gun Safety Classes in High Schools
  • Uniform Education Funding Resolution
  • Allow School Levy on Ballot only 2 Times Per Year
  • Blaine Amendment HJR 1
  • Preserve Residency of Idaho College Students
Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  • Allow Permitless Carry for Non-Residents & Military
  • Castle Doctrine
Constitutional Freedoms
  • Prohibit Touching/X-Rays by TSA Without Signed Warrant
  • Hunting/Fishing License Signature – No Forfeit of 4th Amendment Rights
  • American Laws for American Courts
  • Anti-S.L.A.P.P. Law (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation)
Protecting Life
  • Ban Dismemberment Abortion
  • Life Starts at Conception
  • Increase Informed Consent on Abortion
Idaho Land, Water, Resources, Environment & Property Rights
  • Multi-use on State Endowment Land
  • Prohibit UN Sustainable Water Language
  • Civil Asset Forfeiture
  • Annexation – Representation
  • Annexation – Voter Approval
  • Optional Front Plate
Cyber Security
  • Biometric Data Disclosure
Health Freedom
  • Parental Rights for Health Care
  • Legalize CBD oil (non-THC) for seizures
  • Naturopathy License Reform
Religious Freedom
  • Right of Conscience

More Transparency

  • Legislator Gift Limits
  • Requirements for Food Stamp Recipients
  • Refugee Real Cost to Communities
  • Rules to Allow More Citizens’ Bills to be Heard by Committees
  • Require Federal Rules to be Printed for Incorporation by Reference
  • Sunshine Law Reform
  • Term Limits for State Legislators
  • Refugee Absorption Capacity Act
  • Medicaid Recipient Resolution
  • Remote Testimony for Citizens
  • City Referendum Allowed in All Years
  • SOP – Authority in Idaho Constitution