BIG Tax Relief

Read the Full Press Release below:


Boise, Idaho – February 6, 2018- Idaho State Representatives Vito Barbieri (R-2) and Ron Nate (R-34) released a copy of the BIG Tax Relief plan (Businesses, Income, and Grocery tax cuts) for all Idahoans. The bill offers a stark contrast to Governor Otter’s little tax relief plan. Representatives Barbieri and Nate have been working with bill drafters, committee chairmen, and other legislators to create a better solution for all Idaho families.

This bill would offer greater tax cuts for families, greater tax cuts for Idaho businesses, and most importantly, include the elimination of taxes on groceries. The BIG Tax Relief plan would put 59% more money back in Idahoans’ pockets than the Governor’s plan ($280 per household versus only $175).

Rep. Nate is actively working with Chairman Collins of the Revenue and Tax Committee to secure a hearing on the BIG Tax Relief plan but has not yet attained a date at which the bill would be heard.

Rep. Nate has contrasted the Governor’s proposed tax cut and the BIG alternative is that the Governor’s tax relief by pointing out that the Governor’s plan reserves a whopping 9.2% increase in Idaho’s budget this year. That is more than triple the national average for growth!

Currently, there is over $400 million of extra tax money flowing into Boise. Rep. Nate reminded us that “These are your tax dollars and they need to be returned to Idaho families.”

Representatives Barbieri and Nate are responding to citizens who raised concerns about the surplus of dollars in the capitol and the fact that no grocery tax relief plan has been introduced yet this year. The BIG Tax Relief plan would not only eliminate the tax on all groceries but would reduce Idaho income tax from 7.4% down to 6.9%, and, very important to business, slash the business tax rate from 7.4% to 5.0%. Additionally, it would repeal the sales tax on groceries (and the tax credit).

Many legislators across Idaho are beginning to hear the voices of their citizens and their concerns about high taxes. The BIG Tax Relief plan is an opportunity for Idaho’s legislature to demonstrate its respect for hard-working families who are struggling daily to make ends meet.

The bill’s next step is to be introduced into a committee and then given a hearing before it can proceed for a vote by the entire House body.

It’s very clear, the BIG Tax Relief is a better option than Gov. Otter’s tax cut plan. The BIG Tax Relief plan is a conservative, family-friendly plan, and is a real tax cut plan to all hardworking Idahoans. We encourage you to contact your legislators and remind them you want REAL tax relief. You want to eliminate the grocery tax, and you want income to stay with those who earn it—Idaho families.

You can review the details of the BIG Tax Relief plan and the other conservative/liberty ideas on the website