FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Growing Freedom for Idaho Legislative Agenda

Boise, Idaho – January 5, 2017 – The Idaho Legislature will have the opportunity to support a strong agenda for Growing Freedom in Idaho during the 2017 Legislative Session. The agenda, driven by citizen input and geared toward cultivating greater personal freedoms for Idahoans, was released today by Representatives Heather Scott (R-1A) and Ronald Nate (R-34A).

The Growing Freedom for Idaho Agenda is part of a larger website called The website was created to help citizens follow bills through committees, comment to appropriate legislators who are responsible for passing, killing, or holding bills in committee (the process by which many important ideas are never allowed to be heard by the full legislative body), and provide information about the ways citizens can be more involved with government accountability. The site will also offer a quick guide to all bills being proposed in the House and a brief description of what the consequences of passing those bills will be to citizens.

The 2017 Growing Freedom for Idaho Agenda currently includes over 60 bills arranged by categories important to liberty. Categories include Lower Taxes, Less Government, More Freedom and More Transparency. Each of the bills are focused on returning personal freedoms to Idahoans as well as undoing past infringements. Legislators who favor “the People” over “establishment policies” are showing a strong willingness to support this new Growing Freedom for Idaho Agenda.

With Idaho facing another year of revenues exceeding projections (a surplus of at least $130 million), constituents across the state should be encouraged to direct their legislators to respect the rights of taxpayers to keep their hard-earned incomes and actively support the Growing Freedom for Idaho agenda of reducing tax burdens on Idaho workers, families and businesses.

For Idahoans who want to view the full agenda, or propose bill ideas of their own, information can be found at the Growing Freedom for Idaho website at

Representatives Scott and Nate encourage all Idahoans to contact their district legislators and remind them the vast majority of Idaho citizens value freedom, natural rights, and our Constitution—which was established to protect these rights. The Growing Freedom for Idaho Agenda will be an important tool for Idaho’s citizens and legislature to actively demonstrate their respect for individual freedom and to protect our State’s 10th Amendment rights.


Rep. Heather Scott – District 1
PO Box 134
Blanchard, Idaho 83804
Phone: 208-920-3120

Rep. Ronald Nate – District 34
2139 Ferris Lane
Rexburg, ID 83440
Ph: 208-403-3609

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Great work Let’s keep the freedom agenda going. Career politicians, especially on the federal level who are directed by special interest groups has to end. Our constitution is sacred

I am very pleased with the Growing Freedom for Idaho Legislative Agenda and will be following this website closely and sharing it with those in my circle of influence.
Thanks to Reps Heather Scott and Ronald Nate for your efforts.

Heather, Ron: Hip Hip Hurrah, to you two!

As you know, taxes reduce citizens’ ability to exercise freedom. Taxes are forced expenditure of earnings. Another forced expenditure is medical insurance.

Sen. Thayn and I have been working to save Idahoans millions by reducing by 90% or so, medical insurance claims creation and processing. That cost represents a whopping 30% of a doctor’s office costs. Probably the same for hospitals. It can be eliminated by simply paying a primary care doctor a fixed monthly fee of ~$60 to keep patients healthy. No insurance code book, no creating claims, no negotiating with insurance company to get paid.

If you’d like more info, give me a ring: 208.841.6393. Jim Thomas, Boise

Thank you very much for this web site! I’m just looking at it this evening and think it is terrific.

Could part of the reason Rep. Heather Scott got in so much trouble be because of the Council of State Governments (CSG) takeover of the Idaho legislature? Last month there was a news item in the local paper about an Idaho legislator who had graduated from the CSG Henry Toll Scholarship program. The term CSG rang a bell in my mind from several years ago, so I did some checking….

Sure enough: The Council of State Governments is one of many organizations coming out of the “1313” Rockefeller/CFR/United Nations movement to replace representative government guaranteed in the US Constitution. There are groups for mayors, city council members, chief justices, attorneys general, and many, many more.

The purpose of the CSG, specifically, is to replace representative state legislatures who are responsive to the will of “the people.” (The term “1313” came from the address in Chicago where these organizations were located early on.)

Jo Hindman wrote several books about this “1313” movement about 40 years ago, and they were published by Caxton Printers in Caldwell. She submitted testimony about all this, too, to Congress. Phoebe Courtney also wrote a book about this, “Beware Metro and Regional Government!”

In Courtney’s book, she says that this “1313” UN agenda–including the Council of State Governments–is a “FLAGRANT VIOLATION OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION. Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution declares: ‘The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government…,’ ” and she goes on to define “republican form of government” as one in which ” ‘the sovereign power resides in a certain body of the people–the electorate–and is exercised by representatives elected by, and responsible to, them.’ ”

In Jo Hindman’s book, “The Metrocrats,” she has a diagram of the massive network of many of the “1313” organizations infiltrating all areas of representative government–and the first one listed is the Council of State Governments. After reading the news item last month about an Idaho legislator graduating from the CSG Henry Toll Scholarship program, I found out that about half the sponsors of this 2016 program were Big Pharma, or what some call “Rockefeller medicine.”

I was also told by a CSG attendee that House Speaker Rep. Scott Bedke is a graduate of this program. I contacted Bedke to verify this but have not yet received a reply. I was told that other legislators are graduates of this United Nations training and would like to learn just how many of our elected officials have been trotting off for these sessions. No wonder we are losing our freedoms at the state level.

Jo Hindman said that the Rockefellers put a chunk of money into the CSG in the 1930’s on condition that Henry Toll would be given a top position in the Council of State Governments. Now, our Idaho legislators are trotting off for this Henry Toll Scholarship program, Rockefeller/CFR/United Nations training, to learn how to be milquetoast legislators who will not defend representative government.

No wonder Heather Scott is in trouble. She apparently is the kind of legislator that defends representative government–the kind of legislator that the CSG despises. May God help us all.

This website is the perfect vehicle for the Citizens of Idaho to drive legislation. Thank you Representatives Scott and Nate for handing us the reins of power and opening the legislative process to the light of day. Please send a link to this website to everyone you know.
Utilizing our input, we can create the most freedom friendly state in the Union. LETS DO IT FOR US AND OUR CHILDREN, and OUR CHILDRENS CHILDREN……

I appreciate that ordinary citizens are being included and encouraged to take part in OUR government. Heather Scott reaches out to all Idahoans, even those who aren’t her constituents to educate them that the government is by the people and for the people, not by the government and for the government.

Absolutely necessary and long…long overdue for Idaho citizenry! No similar information has ever been offered or allowed citizens in southeastern Idaho by any seated representation in the last 22-years. But who’s surprised? All of our legislative representatives within our area consistently receive D- to F ratings year after year…. THANK YOU, NATE & SCOTT! Let’s go to work for Idaho, people…!

Thank you Rep Nate and Scott for being true representatives of the people. A brilliant inspired Website!

Thank you very much. I am so grateful for Heather Scott, and her leadership in the Freedom movement for Idaho.