Thursday February 23. 2017 marked a historic day for health freedom here in Idaho.  Idaho HB 91 was designed to further expand the Idaho immunization tracking system. The greatest concerns with this tracking system is the lack of privacy, security and the inability of parents to confirm their child’s private medical information is expunged when a family choose to opt out.  In a 44-24 vote, representatives who were skeptical of HB 91’s real intentions, understood there was no real benefit to this legislation but were keenly aware of a real threat to personal privacy because of expanded data tracking with the mandated inclusion of adults.  The expansion of government data-keeping of private medical information needs to be stopped and this was a major first step in doing so.  It was nice to hear that hundreds of citizens listened remotely to the debate on the House floor on Thursday as well as cheers and applauds audible in the House after the final vote was tallied.