Thursday February 23. 2017 marked a historic day for health freedom here in Idaho.  Idaho HB 91 was designed to further expand the Idaho immunization tracking system. The greatest concerns with this tracking system is the lack of privacy, security and the inability of parents to confirm their child’s private medical information is expunged when a family choose to opt out.   … Read More

Article V Convention: Risky Business

Today a bill was introduced in the Idaho Senate for Idaho to join a call for a Convention of the States. The U.S. Constitution provides for several ways to amend the Constitution. One is a convention of the states, where 2/3 of the states call a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution. … Read More

RS24941 would fix the residency restriction for permitless carry in Idaho

This bill advocates for removing the residency requirement from our permitless Constitutional carry law. Presently only law-abiding residents over age 21 are allowed to carry a handgun in Idaho city limits. Non-residents may carry concealed rifles/shotguns anywhere in Idaho, including city limits. … Read More

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Growing Freedom for Idaho Legislative Agenda

Boise, Idaho – January 5, 2017 – The Idaho Legislature will have the opportunity to support a strong agenda for Growing Freedom in Idaho during the 2017 Legislative Session. The agenda, driven by citizen input and geared toward cultivating greater personal freedoms for Idahoans, was released today by Representatives Heather Scott (R-1A) and Ronald Nate (R-34A). … Read More